Our Vision

Changing Destinies Ministry (CDM) will work to abolish human trafficking, as well as its effects on survivors, families, and our communities. In partnership with our citizens and other organizations, we will help build a world to preserve innocence and hold perpetrators accountable.

Changing Destinies Vision

Our Mission

Changing Destinies Dove

CDM exists to reveal what is happening in darkness in our society through awareness training and testimony, retrieve those who are trapped in the trafficking industry through outreach and working with law enforcement, revere those who are involved in the industry through outreach and sharing God’s love, and restore survivors’ identity and relationship with the Lord by opening healing and restoration homes that offer holistic, faith based residential recovery programs free of cost to survivors, and empower and enable them to fulfill their dreams, callings and true destinies. Changing Destinies Ministry will provide emotional healing, job skill training, and the confidence needed to successfully reintegrate into society. Changing Destinies Ministry will serve as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from the trafficking industry.


Working together to abolish modern-day slavery through the power of the gospel! CDM is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to fighting human trafficking by partnering with like-minded ministries, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Changing Desitnies Freedom

Survivor-Owned Small Businesses

Let’s support these inspirational men and women as they pursue their dreams, callings, and true destinies